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Who we work with? 

Are you working in the service industry in a job like a retail cashier, clerk, bartender or administrative assistant? We work with job applicants seeking to change careers and break into Corporate America.

Ready to land your first job after college? Looking to rejoin the workforce after a break? We work with talent like you, reentering the workforce after life events and provide you with access to premier training, jobs, and interview guidance. 

We work with under-represented groups (like women, LGBTQ+, etc) to train and position them for top roles with our hiring partners.   

Navigating a new country and attempting to find a new job at the same time? Get access to training, resume, and interview guidance as you prepare for a job in sales & support.

Designed to fast-track your career! 

Our highly experienced team provides virtual mentorship & live sessions aimed at job sourcing, resume upgrades, networking and interview preparation.

Gap-based mentoring that is highly customized and designed to train you on what you need most instead of your areas of your existing expertise. 

Concierge mentorship via text-based support for that urgent last-minute question.

The only customized program in the industry. Mentoring even after you land your job! (Optional)

Select a track that suits you best! 

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Deep dive into the ins and outs of product management, project management, metrics, market research and more while learning tactics for interviewing and networking.

Learn with hands on experience via real life mini projects and mentors. From basic fundamentals to advanced data science and ML strategies. You will learn, absorb and complete curated lessons in a matter of a few short weeks.

Perfect your engineering resume and source more technical interviews through live sessions and 1-on-1's. Align your personal story with the job requirements and boost technical interview outcomes.

Get personalized feedback on your existing portfolio, perfect how you present your case studies and practice for design whiteboard interviews.

Master the basics of sales such as account planning and cold emails. Become an expert at the fundamentals of marketing analytics, paid media, organic, and more!

Learn the techniques of gathering accurate requirements that power robust software. Manage workflows, milestones, and track progress of projects that ensures the team delivers quality results on time. Learn key metrics that impact projects.

Most common FAQs

Ideally suited if you are currently interviewing and/or want to land a new job in the next 6 months.

Minimum 12+ hours a week dedicated to your job search until you get hired. The more the better.

Zero upfront cost : We only get paid when you do. Our custom program fees comes out of the salary when you land your job. (in small installments).

If you withdraw from the program during your two-week trial, you have no obligation of any kind.

“TalentSumos are brilliant - with right attitude and right training. I am looking foward to explore & leverage the resources.” 

Tuhin Das
Accenture - Strategy and Operations Leader 

Done-For-You Career Acceleration Program 

"Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude." -Zig Ziglar


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