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Project & case-based learning program for the ambitious. 

Our Project-based Learning Programs

Engineering Accelerator

12+ basic engineering role oriented project based program with feedback and the case discussion sessions.  

Management Accelerator

12+ basic management role oriented case based program with feedback and the case discussion sessions. 

Software Accelerator

12+ basic software/tech role oriented project based program with feedback and the case discussion sessions

Why include cases in your curriculum?

Go beyond the routine studies and LMS based training towards actual industry based learning. Access to growing case bank to choose from. 

Track and verify students completing their case based learning. Specialize in case track and display valuable certification to attract employers.  

Complete program or use as a resource to augment any course!

Case Bank: Access to case bank for your students with evaluation and feedback for each student. 

Program  : Use select cases as mini internships with support of our mentors to solve real industry problems.

Unique Edge :  Enhance student engagement and job-potential giving your students an edge.

Benefits for your courses.

How to use cases in your courses? Customization and easy integration to any course work, academy or university curriculum.

Enhance discussons in classroom based on cases for subjects. Bridge academic and real world gap.

Track and verify student participation via homework and individualized feedback. 

Customized scenario development as per your needs.

“It was a pleasure to introduce students to real world cases..they would be prepared for future jobs!

Principal Consultant
Tech Mahindra

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