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Instant Go-To-Market

At your own price

What would you pay for a warm B2B lead intro? Decide your price and declare a bounty! TalentSumo sales reps & the world will go to work for you. 

Diversify your B2B Acquisition Channel

We support a wholistic sales startegy for breaking into the B2B market that includes the a combination of sales reps, information leadership like Podcast, Whitepaper and Video, and inbound requests. (Primarily from LinkedIn). And Leads Bounty ofcourse!

Founders and sales leaders can open up their acquisition process and accelerate go to market - all depending on their own buddget! Just add them to our Bounty table and watch the world go to work for you - on your own terms.

Why use TalentSumo Leads Bounty?

Unique Customer Acquisition Channel 

TALENTSUMO leads bounty provides you a unconventional go to market where you can request for warm introductions from anyone by setting a price that you decide! 

Targetted Leads 

Laser target your focus to : Specific companies, cities and grade levels. You will be surprised - what you can achieve with this precesion.

 High ROI

Its hard to control budget and accurancy of other conventional channels like Ads. Leads Bounty is the gold standard in performance marketing.

Learn about the Enterprise B2B Market

 Not just sales the warm customer intros can provide you with critical insights on the proudct development and fine tuning your approcah..


Available Bounties


Average cost of warm Introduction


Bounties Won!

Pipeline Value Generated

Tech Sales Managers acknowledge the power of Lead Bounty! 

" I was one of the earliest users of the leads bounty system. I had pratically ZERO expectations - I just tried because the idea sounds great it appeal! 

But I was blown away by the quality of contacts I was able to connect with in exchange of the bounties - they helped to shape up our product immensly."

                                                    - Shiv, Sales -Scopify.AI, Canada 

Warm Introduction Open Requests

Have a request to open a leads bounty? Use this form to add it! 

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