It's what you say AND how you say it. 

The Science behind learning, interactions & job success.

Reputed university research on oral learning & assessments

Gordon Joughin - Queensland Univ

An analysis of the literature on oral assessment in higher education has identified six dimensions of oral assessment: primary content type; interaction; authenticity; structure; examiners and orality.How these dimensions interact is key. Details.

Karen Jin - UNH, Manchester

Many believed the oral exam to be a more accurate assessment of their knowledge than traditional methods.  Students enjoyed the experience and will use the lessons learned to improve the use of oral assessments in the future. Details. 

Ehsan Hoque - Rochester Univ

Ever wondered why you have been rejected from a job despite being a qualified candidate? What went wrong? In this paper, we provide a computational framework to quantify human behavior in the context of job interviews. Details.

How we power experiential learning & assessments

Discovery of Gaps

Give candidates an opportunity to understand the gaps in their understanding and subject for informed learning intervention. 

Amplify Learning 

Accelerate learning by using assessments and oral tests that make it easy to understand the subject and also demonstrate skills. 

Quick Revision

Practice simulation along with suggested answers can act as a quick reference guide to revise effectively on demand.

Why include experiential learning in your HR startegy?

“The early prototypes of AI based coaching are very powerful!

Principal Consultant
Tech Mahindra